Friday, August 16, 2013


I hopped on a shuttle bus and got a ride to Ubud.
Leaving Kuta. Notice the shuttle bus and the alley we are driving down are almost exactly the same width.
Ubud is an inland town, popular with artists and expats.
On my way to Ubud
On my way to Ubud

I had no reservations and no clue as to where I was when I got dropped off, so I ended up walking around for an hour looking for a place to stay. It was so hot. I walked by the monkey sanctuary, twice. Since I ended up having to backtrack to the first hotel I inquired in, Sehati. It was the only place that was close to affordable that I had come across. Lol
My room is palatial. It's almost as big as my old apartment back home. With wi-Fi, and air conditioning. Ahhh, the good life.
My room. After I've lived in it. Trashed it like a rock star.

But it's too rich for my blood. I'm moving this morning to the Dew Sempri bungalows in order to save a little skrilla.
Today is Bali's Independence Day. So I'm going to check out the festival and then maybe venture inside the monkey sanctuary. Monkeys scare me.
How I plan to enter the monkey sanctuary

I can only take pictures at a slow run.
"Don't look at me!"

Otherwise I'm sure that one of them will attack me and eat my face. Just so you know why my photos will be blurry.
Monkeys on my trek for a hotel

There's lots to see and do here so I'll probably spend the next few days just trying to explore and see the place.
It's all about remembering to put on bug spray and sunscreen every several hours, and buying water the night before so I can brush my teeth. I always forget that part.


  1. Umm, pretty sure these monkeys could escape if they wanted to-are these bars designed to keep the monkeys in or the people out? lol! Hope you're enjoying your time in Bali, too bad about the ipad cord & the pics! Looking forward to seeing them when you get home! OMG count down is on for lolo to be home-whoot whoot! Soooo looking forward to having you back!!!

    1. Haha. Definitely designed to keep people out. They want to make people pay to go in the forest and see the monkeys. But the monkeys definitely go wherever they please. I'm loving Bali but I can't wait to finally be home. Just 2 1/2 more weeks!