Monday, July 15, 2013

Go to your happy place...

I can't believe what a slacker I've been on this blog. A whole month and no posts. For the most part I've just been working and spending my evenings chilling at home with the roomies.
Here's what I've been doing lately.
I love this little dock

I found my happy spot. It's at the end of my road.
Late afternoon 

I can't go there enough. I always stop here on the rare times I'm walking to or from work.
Rainy morning at my happy place

I went riding at Coronet peak with my old roomie, Fiona. It was fun but the first day of  the season is never great. Especially when it's been a year and a half since you rode or (like me) an accident prone goofball. Long story short. I pulled my Achilles and plantar tendons, along with my calf muscle. No worries tho, they take about 6 weeks to heal and I'm on week 4. Almost no swelling and mostly pain free.
My work had a demo day.
Getting hooked up at the K2 booth for demo day

A few of us from work got free lift passes to Cardrona mountain in order to try out all the new 2014 season gear.
B Mosh! Ready to Ride!

I am so spoiled now I wanna new board when I get home. Must. Buy. The. Ride. Compact.

 So much fun.
Noodle break with Daz, Olly and Bridgette.

Cardrona is far and away my favorite resort so far.
It was super windy. But the sun made a few appearances on the west bowl.

Me and Bridge had a great time riding all over with our fancy new boards.
Bridge and me. Gotta love my funky oversized, hand-me-down goggles. 

The Queenstown winter festival ended with a street carnival.
I moseyed down for a few hours and watched the street performers and bands and nommed on some fair food.
One of the bands at the carnival

Then I watched the last half of a hockey game. Bridge's husband, Trev, was goalie and their friend Mr. Frodo was also playing.
Hockey is Awesome. And! I hung out with someone named Frodo. New Zealand bucket list- completed.

I love watching hockey! The next team up had a guy playing who couldn't even stand in his skates. His jersey? Goon. #69. Hahaha.

Moving on.

The next day I went riding at the Remarkables with my coworker Manea and her boyfriend Max.
Manea! So awesome she needs 2 pairs of skis!

Conditions were poor. Really dark and windy.
View from the "lodge"

So cold. I couldn't see 2 ft in front of my face.
So coooooooold

It made for some crappy riding and goofy falls.

It was Canada day too. So I went on the town with Trev and Frodo. Geez, Canadians can party, eh?
Oh Canada... Why do you force me to party till 4am on a work night?!?
So much Canadian whiskey.

Unfortunately, Bridget had to stay home with the little next time I get to take her out for a Big Night. It's gonna be trouble. We're leaving bail money with Trev....

So, I've had a few nights on the town. I've got a bike from work and I've ridden around the lake a bit.

Yesterday was a day off of work. So I went back to Remarkables with Jamey.
Such a great day. I definitely like Remarkables when I can see where I'm going haha

 Fresh snow and a bluebird day made for an awesome time.
Jamey on the slopes.

I even rode a little baby box and got some air on a kicker.
Last run of the day. Out to the point on the ridge and then down the face of death.

Grrrrr face above the clouds

Then I ate snow when I tried to do it again.
This cloud swooped in the last 15 minutes of the day. Crazy weather.

So, 3 more weeks in Queenstown.
Sunrise. They're amazing here.

I've been told by the roomies to come back here for summer. Fishing, biking, and 15 hours of daylight....seriously tempting.
From my bedroom window. So beautiful here.

I've booked my August trip. I'm going to Bali with a short stopover in Sydney.. I can't believe I'm going after talking about it for so long. So excited!
That's it.
I'm so incredibly excited to come back home and see my family and friends!


  1. So happy to see a new blog! NZ looks incredible and it seems like the people are so super awesome and chill and know how to party and have a good time without being douche bags about it! haha! It's going to be so hard to leave! Can't believe the year is almost up, so excited to hear you're stopping over in Sydney and then Bali-what a great way to end a years long adventure! We can't wait for you to be home Lo!!!

  2. Thanks Jal! I'm so lucky to come home to my wonderful friends and family! I'm so excited!!!! Love you Jal! Can't wait to see you!